Are you looking for customized USB flash drives? Professional flash drives engraved with your company logo and artwork? Need them now? We’ve got your back. After 42 years as a family run business, we know how important it is to provide high quality, affordable products to keep our customers coming back.

SameDayFlash all started with a love of music.

In the early 70’s, founder Jim Woelm built a recording studio in his basement just for musicians. He loved recording their music and made copies at their requests. It didn’t take long for local musicians to hear about Jim’s fledgling business Greatapes Corp, its recording studio and especially, the fast turnaround time for cassette tape copies. But times changed in the recording and print industries and Jim was smart enough to change with them. What didn’t change was the need for professionally branded media content, and that’s what SameDayFlash is all about.

Over the years, we have stayed in business because we love what we do and have always been willing to roll up our sleeves and work hard for our customers. We also recognized early on the importance of staying on the cutting edge of media and print services. We know that nowadays people don’t want to keep boxes of cassette tapes, papers or photos. Having data available in small, portable storage like our custom USB drives suits our busy lives.

Jim and his partners started SameDayFlash with the idea of providing a few reliable USB flash drives options to their customers. Eventually, they had invested in not just one, but three printers: a pad printer, a laser engraver and a digital printer. This investment enabled us to offer customers many customizing options. If you ask Jim, he’ll tell you that we stock flash drives, print them and load data on them. Sounds simple, and for our customers it’s an easy, smooth and fast process. But it’s so much more than that (as confirmed by the size of SameDayFlash’s current location!)

One thing that hasn’t changed over the last four decades is the fast, reliable and responsive service that we have always provided. In fact, we’ve stepped it up, offering our customers easier options for customizing and branding their flash drives and even faster service by investing in the right technology. It is our goal to quickly understand what you need and give you a positive, simple one-stop shopping experience. You might find other bargain services but you won’t find them with our turn-around times or our exceptional quality.

From Jim’s basement to a renovated historic building, Jim’s love of music grew into something spectacular. But its purpose is still the same: provide quality media for your content. At SameDayFlash, we don’t know where our passion and technological innovation will lead us next, but we guarantee that we will be on the forefront to offer the best products and service to our customers.

Our Clients

From big box retailers to global inventors to busy wedding photographers, SameDayFlash can meet the custom flash drive needs of every customer and every business, large or small. Whether you need a set of 100 elegantly engraved wooden USB drives loaded with engagement photos or a bulk order of 1000 branded credit card flash drives for your annual corporate retreat, SameDayFlash will have your USB drives designed and distributed to your specifications and on your schedule.