Auto Run Drive

Content load that automatically opens to a window that allows the user to choose to perform an action. Depending upon the content, there could be more than one choice. Options: Name the drive, name the file(s), use icon to identify drive/file(s), setup the first option to be the default option. NOTE: Auto Run may not work on all computers, and will not work on Mac computers. This function is dependent upon the configuration of each computer it is plugged into.

Auto Run Flash Drive


Command Windows 2000 Windows XP SP3 Windows Vista Windows 7 Mac Command
AutoRun on the Flash Drive yes yes Open=xxx.exe or AutoRun
AutoRun External URL yes yes Shellexecute=
AutoRun to External URL with launch helper program yes yes Open=helper.exe

yes AutoRun supported

AutoRun supported, however operating system will prompt user with dialog box before Autorun can happen.

AutoRun will not work

* Auto-run and pre-loading features may not function properly on Macs. However, the USB flash drive will still function for storage use.

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